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Welcome to camping swags. Have you ever directly under the stars? There’s really nothing quite like the freedom and magic of rolling out your swag and just taking it all in.

At camping swags we all love camping and we know you probably do too. So have a look around and if you don’t see what you are looking for just sing out by visiting our contact page and send us through your details and we will be in touch.


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Why we love camping swags

Have you ever wanted to go camping but couldn’t because you did not have the proper gear? Or maybe you did have a proper tent and all the trimmings, but it was quite uncomfortable for you inside the tent? That’s where camping swags step in. They are somewhat like a normal sleeping bag, but they have an extra mattress on the inside to ensure proper warmth and comfort. They are the perfect addition to any avid camper’s gear, and especially if you are looking for a quick and lightweight sleeping option.

When to use a camping swag

Camping swags are mainly used by people who do not wish to carry a tent and sleeping bag separately. It acts as both a tent with a proper framework and a sleeping bag. It allows you to carry less stuff while going camping, and it makes packing easier. And since you’d be carrying fewer larger essentials, then you’d be able to carry less important stuff, such as a book or more hand soap/ toilet paper, ensuring that your time out camping will be a memorable one.

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Why camping swags? Why not get tents?

Tents, for many people, tend to be quite tedious, and many people who are camping out for the first time do not have much experience setting up a large or medium tent and have quite some trouble setting them up without prior knowledge. On the other hand, camping swags do not require much energy and time to set them up. You may need to fasten some knots, hammer in a few parts here and there, tighten up some strings, and you’d be good to go. This amazing feature is what promotes people to prefer camping swags over tents.

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Camping swags are super compact

Since they have fewer parts, such as rods and strings, etc., camping swags tend to be less of a burden, and they are smaller in size when rolled up. Camping swags also come in many different sizes, ranging from single to family size camping swags that can simultaneously fit four or more people. On the other hand, Tents seem very cumbersome and tend to take up more space, both on your back and on the ground. So if you cannot spare any extra weight or space on yourself, you should choose a camping swag over a tent any day.

Camping swags are extremely durable

Compared to tents, their structure and usual fabric lining allow them to be quite resistant to things like rain and wind. The rounded structure of the camping swags causes rain to run off immediately,and it doesn’t soak through, leaving you dry and warm even when thew worst weather might send people packing.

Camping swags are Aussie AF

Camping swags are also deep-rooted in Australian historical culture. Men who used to travel from town to town looking for jobs would use these camping swags as shelters from the harsh Australian outdoors, and these men were mostly referred to as ‘swagmen’, which is quite a cool name. So, join a part of Australian history and the next time you decide to camp why not consider going minimalist and use a camping swag.

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